Questions to consider:

Did you know that Sustainability in your business can translate into cost savings, brand enhancement, waste/energy reduction, employee morale and retention, transparent stakeholder communications, preemptive regulatory compliance and risk mitigation?

Are you interested in exploring cost saving strategies that will effect your materials, energy, supply chain and operations and effectively deliver a stronger value proposition to your customers?

Are you working with retailers, or brand holders  (licensors) that require you to adopt sustainability into your business, but aren’t sure where to start ,or even what “sustainability” means?

Do you wish you better understood Wal-Mart’s Sustainability Platform? Their Sustainable Packaging Scorecard? Package Modeling Software?

Have you redesigned your products to better fit today's consumer buying preferences?

Did CPSIA’s lead and phthalate regulations take you by surprise? Are you prepared for the next regulatory action?

Are you adequately sharing your best practices, without committing greenwashing?

Do you know who your stakeholders are, and why listening to them is advantageous to your future success?

Globally Green will guide you through the answers to these questions, and their surrounding issues and how  you can become a better employer, vendor and partner.